Guatemala Stella Artois Open

by Hertz Guatemala

Tournament information, media day and inside the field at the Guatemala Stella Artois Open

Tournament Information:

  • Official Name:  Guatemala Stella Artois Open
  • Dates:  April 21-24, 2016
  • Venue:  Fuego Maya GC at La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences
  • Location:  Antigua, Guatemala
  • Par/Yards:  72 (36-36) / 7,275
  • Purse:  US $175,000 – Winner’s share US $31,500
  • Field:  144 players from approximately 25 countries
  • Cut:  Top 55 and ties
  • Hashtag:  #StellaArtoisOpenGT


Media Day:

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – The Guatemala Stella Artois Open, the only PGA TOUR Latinoamérica tournament that gets to be played on the foothills of an active volcano, is only two weeks away.

Tournament organizers and sponsors got together with the local media on Tuesday to provide details about the event scheduled for the week of April 18 at the Fuego Maya Golf Club in La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences.

PGA TOUR Latinoamérica president Jack Warfield attended the event, joining local Tour partners Guillermo Cifuentes and Mario Navarro of La Reunión in welcoming the media to another exciting week of professional golf in Guatemala.

Roberto Batres, Stella Artois Brand manager, and Alejandro Fernández, AMBEV imported beers manager, attended on behalf of the title sponsor.

The golf course co-designer Perry Dye was also present at the event held in Guatemala City.

The 2016 Guatemala Stella Artois Open will feature a field of 144 players. The leading local will be José Toledo, a 29-year old who shared runner-up honors at the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica Tour Championship last December. Toledo is the only Guatemalan player with Tour status this season.

Inside the Field:

ANTIGUA GUATEMALA, Guatemala - Learn who are the players competing at the 2016 Guatemala Stella Artois Open. The fourth event of the season takes PGA TOUR Latinoamérica to the Fuego Maya GC at La Reunión Golf Resort.

Field: 144 players from 25 countries

Amateurs competing: 4 (all of them from Guatemala)

Players by country:

  • U.S. (73)
  • Argentina (11)
  • Colombia (7)
  • Guatemala (7)
  • Mexico (7)
  • Canada (6)
  • Australia (3)
  • Chile (3)
  • England (3)
  • Venezuela (3)
  • Brazil (2)
  • El Salvador (2)
  • France (2)
  • Scotland (2)
  • Spain (2)
  • Sweden (2)
  • Bolivia (1)
  • Czech Republic (1)
  • Dominican Republic (1)
  • Finland (1)
  • Honduras (1)
  • Japan (1)
  • Norway (1)
  • Panama (1)
  • Puerto Rico (1)


2015-16 PGA TOUR Latinoamérica champions (7)

Anthony Paolucci, USA (1) 2016 Abierto OSDE del Centro
Derek Rende, USA (1) 2016 Lexus Panama Classic
Wil Bateman, CAN (1) 2015 Hyundai-BBVA Abierto de Chile
Lanto Griffin, USA (1) 2015 Roberto De Vicenzo Punta del Este Open
Mitch Krywulycz, AUS (1) 2015 Volvo Colombian Classic
Danny Balin, USA (1) 2015 Guatemala Stella Artois Open (Campeón Defensor)
Felipe Velázquez, Venezuela (1) 2015 Honduras Open


2015 Order of Merit Top-60 (25)

José Toledo, Guatemala
Augusto Núñez, Argentina
Brady Watt, Australia
Emilio “Puma” Domínguez, Argentina
Juan Pablo Luna, Colombia
Rafael Echenique, Argentina
Samuel Del Val, Spain
Ryan McCarthy, Australia
Brad Gehl, USA
Daniel Stapff, Brazil
Evan Harmeling, USA
Martin Trainer, USA
Willy Pumarol, Dominican Republic
Oscar Álvarez, Colombia
Sebastián Saavedra, Argentina
James Vargas, USA
Leandro Marelli, Argentina
Bryan Martin, USA
Andrés Echavarría, Colombia
Jaime Clavijo, Colombia
Mark Anguiano, USA
Linus Gillgren, Sweden
Marcelo Rozo, Colombia
Nelson Ledesma, Argentina
Stephen Carney, USA


2016 Q-Schools Medalists (4)

Corey Conners, Canada – Sebring, Florida
David Rose, Canada – Mazatlan, Mexico
Rodrigo Lee, Brazil – Lujan, Argentina
Seth Fair, USA – Bogota, Colombia


Top-5 2015 Dev Series Final (4)

Matías Simaski, Argentina
Juan D. Fernández MacGregor, Mexico
Alan Wagner, Argentina
Luciano Giometti, Argentina


Exempt from 2016 Q-School events (33)

Louis Cohen, France
Paul Apyan, USA
Derek Gillespie, Canada
Case Cochran, USA
Ben Kholes, USA
Tom Whitney, USA
Sergio Franky, Colombia
William Kropp, USA
Brian Hughes, USA
Scott Cahill, USA
Will Murphy, USA
Barrett Kelpin, USA
Eric Steger, USA
Juan Cerda, Chile
Andreas Halvorsen, Norway
James Hazen, USA
Tye Gabriel, USA
Brian Maurer, USA
Edward Figueroa, Puerto Rico
Donald Leafstrand, USA
Matt Miller, USA
Christian De Greiff, USA
José Pablo Segurola, Spain
Brandon Harkins, USA
Kelvin Day, England
Will Roebuck, England
Stuart Gold, USA
Wesley McDonald, USA
Michael Buttacavoli, USA
Guillermo Pereira, Chile
Will Collins, USA
Matthew Baker, USA
Xander McDonald Smith, USA


Open Qualyfier (10)

Nicholas Mehigan, USA 67 (-5)
Aaron Sherry, USA 69 (-3)
Michael Davan, USA 69 (-3)
Ben Boyle, USA 70 (-2)
Adrien Le Sech, France 70 (-2)
Eric Beringer, USA 71 (-1)
Eduardo Cabrera, Mexico USA 71 (-1)
Horacio León, Chile 72 (par)
Willie Mack, USA 73 (+1)
Kevin Gillick, USA 73 (+1)


Sponsor Exemptions (20)

Pablo Acuña, Guatemala
Gustavo Arizpe, Mexico
Charlie Bull, England
Pablo Castellanos, Guatemala (amateur)
Herbert Day, El Salvador
Christian Espinoza, Chile
Fernando Figueroa, El Salvador
José Antonio Hernández, Mexico
John Kelly, USA
Roberto Lowenthal, Guatemala
Will Lowery, USA
Jacob Loya, USA
Jorge Luciano, Guatemala (amateur)
Geoffrey Maldonado, Honduras
Javier Quevedo, USA
Rodrigo Rodas, Guatemala (amateur)
James Ross, Scotland
Omar Tejeira, Panama
Santiago Urrutia, Guatemala (amateur)
Cory Whitsett, USA


Current Tour members (2)

Brad Brunner, USA
Jeff Karlsson, Sweden


PGA TOUR China members (1)

John Kim, USA


Finished 6-10 at 2015 Dev Series Final (2)

Sebastián MacLean, Bolivia
Jesús Rivas, Colombia


Conditional members (36)

Charlie Saxon, USA
Robert Rohanna, USA
Andrew Hansen, USA
Scott Lamb, USA
Ignacio Marino, Argentina
Tyler Torano, USA
Kyle Perry, USA
Brian Bullington, USA
Jack Whelan, USA
Cyril Suk, Czech Republic
Chase Sargent, USA
Santiago Gavino, Mexico
Justin Bardgett, USA
Julio Vegas, Venezuela
Raoul Menard, Canada
Eric Atsma, USA
Pablo Rincón, Mexico
Eric Sugimoto, Japan
Jacob Eggers, USA
McCormick Clouser, USA
Taylor Dio, USA
Sean Jacklin, Scotland
Daniel Brunson, USA
Spencer Lawson, USA
Charles Côté, Canada
Matías O’Curry, Argentina
Weston Payne, USA
Toni Hakula, Finland
Nicholas Grubnich, USA
Sam Fidone, USA
Robert De Biase, Venezuela
Charlie Harrison, USA
Payne Denman, USA
Samuel Chavez, USA
Patrick Newcomb, USA
Jordan Elsen, USA


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