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Hertz Guatemala Car Sales

Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

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Who are we

Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

We are a company with over 45 years of car rental experience, committed to operating sustainability with the environment and the Guatemalan society.

Through teamwork we strive on a daily basis to be the first choice of our customers.  We are part of a global corporation with over 90 years of experience in the car rental and total mobility solutions market known as the first option for its efficient and quality service.



Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

To be the leading company of vehicle rental and total mobility solutions with a highly qualified team, committed to providing a unique, innovative, socially and environmentally responsible service.



Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

Consolidate our company as an environmentally sustainable leader in vehicle rental and total mobility solutions, driving tourism and development in Guatemala.



Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Respect
  • Sustainability


Great Green Deal

Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car


Green Deal - Hertz Guatemala



Hertz Guatemala Policy Rules

Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

  1. Sustainability: promoting sustainable tourism through our trained professional staff, implementing best practices and committing to providing a quality of service, respecting the environment and promoting our culture of tourism in Guatemala.
  2. Social Responsibility:  we strive to do good business deals for our company, our community, and our environment.
  3. Social-cultural: respect our community and encourage the preservation of our culture and traditions.
  4. Environmental: practice a NON pollution of the environment, don't waste our resources, and encourage suppliers and business partners to do likewise.
  5. Human Resources:  our most important resource is our staff.
  6. Quality:  if it's not right, we offer options.
  7. Client Service:  treat our clients with a smile and with the respect they deserves.
  8. Marketing:  we strive to make Hertz your #1 "Top of Mind".
  9. Buying:  we buy with efficiency, with transparency and competitively, we are always seeking ways to decrease the environmental impact of the products we consume.
  10. Health and Security:  we are responsible for our health and security.
  11. Local Development: we develop our community and our country.
  12. Carbon Footprint: we reduce the use our our energy and fuels to reduce our carbon footprint.
  13. Solid Waste: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.
  14. Information Management:  we are careful and responsible with confidential information.
  15. Maintenance: we guarantee the proper operation and cleanliness of our fleet and locations.

Policy Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Adolescents and Children: Hertz Guatemala promotes respect for our children as its the most vulnerable sector and important to our country, therefore we are against the commercial sexual exploitation of adolescents and Children.

Special Needs for Our Customers

Hertz Guatemala Rent A Car

All our locations are identified with parking for people with special needs and our implant offices inside Hoteles Westin Camino Real, Holiday Inn, Barcelo, Camino Real Antigua y Casa Santo Domingo Antigua have access ramps for people with special needs.

Unfortunately our airport and main office doesn't have access ramps for people with special needs.


Guatemala Weather


Partly cloudy
humidity:53 %
Sunday 16°C  /  28°C
Monday 17°C  /  28°C

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